SoilRocks Consulting Inc.

SoilRocks Consulting Inc. is a premier Canadian engineering firm headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our team has over two decades of experience in geotechnical design, site investigation, construction, and asset management of transportation infrastructure, we have established a reputation for excellence in our field. Our expertise also includes providing subcontractor services such as asphalt coring, drilling, and traffic accommodation.

If you are experiencing pavement issues like rutting, deformation, disintegration, erosion issues, voids/sinkholes, differential settlement, soft soils, loose soils, groundwater issues, liquefaction, or any other ground hazards that might impact your road or bridge project, we can help. Our experienced team can identify root causes, develop risk mitigation measures, and design and construct practical and sustainable solutions for your infrastructure.

Our team has worked on a diverse range of projects such as surfacing, gravel roads, haul/access roads, grading, embankment fill, excavation, shore protection, culverts, bridge foundations, piling, retaining walls, slope failures, and emergency-related projects due to flooding. We specialize in site investigation, coring, drilling, subgrade improvement/strengthening, geosynthetics-engineered solutions, erosion/sediment control solutions, slope stabilization, and real-time instrumentation monitoring for high-risk infrastructure.

We are experts in geotechnical asset management and geohazard risk management. We can help transportation agencies identify and document critical infrastructure and prepare an emergency plan for improved public safety and safe operations/maintenance. We can also provide you with the necessary documentation and business case development to support your application for Provincial Disaster Assistance and Federal Emergency Funding Programs.

At SoilRocks Consulting Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services that meet or exceed our clients' expectations. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing practical, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to your geotechnical challenges. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your transportation infrastructure project.

Our Mission

To constantly improve ourselves, our teams, geotechnical services and products. 

Our Vision

To be the preferred geotechnical engineering and business solutions partner for our clients by delivering sustainable and practical solutions while striving to improve safety, quality, and environmental practices with every step.