Drilling and Traffic Accommodation

Asphalt Coring and Gradehole Drilling Service

Our drilling team and in-house B3300 Mobile Auger rig can do asphalt coring and gradehole auger drilling.   We provide subcontractor drilling services.  

So whether you need 4" or 6" asphalt coring and gradeholes, SoilRocks Drilling Team has got you covered.  Contact us today for a competitive drilling quote anywhere in Western Canada.

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Geotechnical Drilling and Instrumentation

We also provide deep geotechnical drilling, in-situ testing and borehole instrumentation services in partnership with other drillers.

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Traffic Accommodation Services in Saskatchewan

Are you exhausted from constantly having to arrange for traffic accommodation and drilling crews for your site investigation projects? We understand how time-consuming and stressful this can be, which is why we're here to help!

 Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple crews and hello to the convenience of a one-stop shop. From traffic accommodation to asphalt coring and auger drilling, we've now got you covered anywhere in Saskatchewan.

Contact us today to learn more about our traffic accommodation and drilling services. 

Client Feedback

"From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with your team. Firstly, I appreciate the promptness and reliability of your services. Your team consistently arrived on time and was easy to schedule, which made the entire process run smoothly. Secondly, SoilRocks personnel demonstrated a high level of professionalism, attention to detail and focus on safety throughout the project. Lastly, I was impressed by the efficiency of your team. They worked quickly and effectively to complete the drilling and coring on the highway, and the end result provided the necessary data to complete the design. Overall, I can confidently say that SoilRocks Consulting provided exceptional services and I would recommend to anyone in need of drilling services. Thank you again for your excellent work." Mr. Steven Sands, TetraTech

"I would like to thank the crew from SoilRocks for their professionalism and work ethic! Working together to gather information needed for the SMHI to complete a rehabilitation design on one of many Saskatchewan highways!" Mr. David Renauld, Atkinsréalis

"The recent experience with SoilRocks was great. They had a very hard-working crew that was diligent and motivated to help us complete our pavement drilling. They have great expertise when it comes to pavement drilling. Thank you Harpreet for the hard work! " Mr. Abdul Nasri, Thurber Engineering Ltd.

“After working with SoilRocks on several geotechnical drilling projects over the past year, I can say I’m very pleased with the efficiency and professionality of the work they provide. The crew is flexible and willing to accommodate the needs of projects with complex timelines, yet they still retain a safety focused culture that alleviates stresses when working in harsh conditions. I look forward to working with them on future projects." Mr. Aaron Konecsni, KGS Group

Check out some of our drilling images, videos and social media posts below

Asphalt Coring in Stoughton, Saskatchewan (See more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Asphalt Coring and Auger Drilling in Yorkton, Saskatchewan (See more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Asphalt Core on Surface Cracking, coring, drilling, auger drilling

Asphalt Core on Surface Cracking (See more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Base Course Coring, drilling, auger drilling, SoilRocks Regina, SK

Base Course Coring (See more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Auger Drilling Regina Saskatchewan SoilRocks Consulting Inc

Auger Drilling

Working near Good Spirit Provincial Park SoilRocks Consulting Inc Drill, Drilling, Coring

Good Spirit Provincial Park

Asphalt and Base Course SoilRocks Consulting Inc Drill, Drilling, Coring

Asphalt and Base Course

Coring and Auger Drilling near Yorkton SoilRocks Regina, Saskatchewan

Auger Drilling

B3300 Auger Drilling Rig at Wroxton Saskatchewan SoilRocks Consulting Inc

Wroxton, Saskatchewan

Auger Drilling Sample SoilRocks Consulting Inc

Auger Drilling

Coring and Drilling Highway 18 Redvers, SoilRocks Consulting Inc

East of Redvers, Saskatchewan

Drilling with SNC-Lavalin Highway 18, Redvers, Saskatchewan

Two great looking trucks

Looking underneath into the Gradehole Drilled hole

Looking below the pavement

Holding Asphalt Core

Asphalt Core

Measuring the depth of profile change during drilling

Site Investigation

Asphalt cored at the location of the mark


Traffic Accommodation Supervisor, SoilRocks Consulting Inc

Traffic Accommodation

Coring and Drilling in Estevan Saskatchewan, SoilRocks Consulting Inc

Coring and Drilling in Estevan, SK

Goodsoil, SK

Asphalt Core

Coring and Drilling in Estevan Saskatchewan

Coring and Drilling in Estevan, SK

Hwy 10 coring and drilling near Melville Saskatchewan

Working in Melville, SK

Coring and Drilling - Cudworth Saskatchewan

Job well done in Cudworth, SK

Double Rainbows (see more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Coring and Drilling on Hwy 599 near Ignace Ontario

We are in Ontario - Drilling near Ignace (see more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Your pace matters - slow down in the workzone for  your and our safety!!

Your pace matters - slow down in the workzone for your and our safety!! (see more on LinkedIn, Facebook)

Manitoba Canada

Manitoba, Canada

Standpipe Piezometers Installation and Monitoring

Peeling back the layers of the asphalt onion! 🧅 Watch as we unveil cores up to 2 feet thick - proving there's a whole lot of asphalt under those tires! 🚧 

SoilRocks Shines

Drilling near Delisle, SK